Perhaps the only subject Donald Trump likes to talk about as much as the almighty self is, well, Almighty God.

Need proof? At a White House “state-like dinner” for evangelical leaders in late August, President Trump spoke about “the glory of God” and the “power of prayer,” while promising that he would ensure America would “forever proudly remain one nation under God.”

This kind of religious rhetoric is not new for Trump. He has consistently tried to “grab ‘em by the Bible” when addressing his conservative base. At a 2015 rally, he declared that the Good Book was his favorite published work of all-time—just topping “The Art of the Deal.” During another speech that same year, he waved his childhood Bible in the air to prove his religious bona fides.

Trump has even indicated that God probably had a hand in the election, noting that such a victory “would require major help from God… and we got it!”

Considering these anecdotes, one might assume that Trump using the presidential mega-microphone to speak about faith might help revive God-talk among the masses. But according to a new poll I commissioned with Barna Group, a prominent social research firm focused on religion and public life, it may be hurting the Christian cause rather than helping. . . .


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Written by Jonathan