When I train writers and coach authors, I teach them that the best book titles are both descriptive and distinctive. They should explain what the book is about but also pique people’s curiosity. I think the title to my forthcoming book, “Learning to Speak God from Scratch: Why Sacred Words are Vanishing — And How We Can Revive Them,” sits perfectly at the intersection of these two qualities.

Unfortunately, no title perfectly communicates the fullness of a book’s content, and mine doesn’t either.

From the title, you’d probably know that the book is about the dramatic decline in sacred words and spiritual conversations. And you might guess that it offers strategies and models for reviving the vocabulary of faith in the 21st century. What might surprise you, however, is that “Learning to Speak God from Scratch” is also a deeply personal book that follows the dramatic developments of my life throughout the past five years.

The book opens with me relocating from the Bible Belt to New York City, a place I encounter “an unexpected language barrier” and struggle to “speak God.” The book then follows my life in this new frontier-like metropolis where I explore this trend.

I share many aspects of my personal and spiritual life that I’ve never spoken about in public.

The book is about language, yes.

It’s about theology, yes.

It’s about culture, yes.

But it is also a book about my life in New York City. You might say that Gotham was this book’s midwife. “Learning to Speak God from Scratch” would not exist without it.

For this reason, I am sharing the burdens and blessings of my city with you in the pages of this book. But I also want to give one lucky reader a chance to experience it with me in person. So from now until the book releases on August 14th…

You can enter below to win a trip to New York City for you and a guest! 

This prize will cover your roundtrip airfare, one night of lodging in a hotel, and an evening with me in the iron wilderness I call home.

The approximate retail price for this prize is $2,015.49, which is a chunk of change. But giving back to you is worth it to me. Enter NOW using the form below:

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Written by Jonathan